We’re getting in touch today on behalf of FareShare because we need your help.

One in eight people in the UK struggle to afford food.  But, right now, farmers and small scale producers are throwing away perfectly fresh, nutritious food because they can’t afford to get it to charities feeding people.

Why? Because last year the government axed lifeline funding that helped farmers rescue their unsold food and send it to organisations like FareShare -- getting food onto the plates of vulnerable children and families up and down the country.

Without that government funding, 53m meals worth of food will instead be thrown into biogas digestors, sent to landfill or simply ploughed back into the fields.

We don’t think that’s right.

That’s why we’re launching the #FoodOnPlates campaign - to demand government reinstate vital funding that will enable us to deliver good, nutritious food to families who need it.

Take action now. Ask your MP to support the #FoodOnPlates campaign.

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