Join us in trying to stop the biggest overnight cut to social security since the Second World War

Over a million people fear they will be forced to skip meals and switch off their heating this winter as the UK government plans to cut Universal Credit payments by £20 a week from next month. 

It would be wrong of the government to take away £20 a week from their already precarious incomes and push even more families through the doors of food banks this October. 

But it doesn’t have to be like this.   

We need the UK government to stop the cut and choose to protect people when they need support. 

We can’t do this alone – we need your voice to make the UK government listen. 

We need to be as vocal as possible if we want the UK government to change direction and it is only with a huge amount of public pressure that we will be successful. We have a small window of opportunity before October to try and protect millions of households already struggling to make ends meet.